Porsche PanameraThe idea of Porsche Panamera is an organic combination of the two natures: a sports car and business sedan. And in Zuffenhausen producers tried to pump both directions. Thus, the amount of luggage became 50 liters more, and back of the sofa is now folded back. And it can be done just with two fingers from the salon. Those who appreciated in a Porsche a versatile hatchback, will be happy: in the Panamera two bikes can be put and one do not even need to remove the front wheels. The new robotic box PDK with two clutches designed from scratch and was initially imprisoned on fuel economy. There are eight transmission now, the seventh and eighth and transmission – raising, and the power losses due to friction in the box reduced by 28%.

But Panamera is fast, incredibly fast! And not just in a straight line – North loop of the Nürburgring Panamera Turbo runs in 7 minutes 38 seconds, what make it the fastest sedan / hatchback in the history of the legendary track.